Winter sports: face masks and balaclavas

Snowboarding and skiing are cool hobbies which you can practise on your own or with a bunch of good friends. Winter sports are pleasant; they keep you busy and form a magnificent source of recreation. After a week or long weekend in the company of your snowboard or skis, you can conquer the world. Moreover these sports help you to retain your physical condition.

These are all good reasons to spend some time once a year at a winter resort! It’s your choice to devote your time to free ride or freestyle snowboarding or to alpine or freestyle skiing. For each specialisation different pieces of equipment or garments are available.

The only thing you can’t control is the weather. Winter sports are fun when the sun is shining brightly. You even get a nice tan as a bonus. But what if the sun disappears behind the clouds and a nasty wind is setting in?

What if a snow storm is on its way? That could cause the fun to lessen or even spoil it completely. In those cases a face mask is a veritable solution.


Your first line of defence against aggravating weather conditions is a balaclava. In normal circumstances the greater part of your body is fully protected when you’re gliding down a snowy slope. Your face and head however are often the body parts that suffer the most.

That problem is solved if you wear a balaclava. A balaclava is an ideal garment if you don’t want to leave the piste because you’re desperate to perform that final slalom or try to do a little off-piste work. A balaclava protects your face and head effectively against rising cold and wind.

Moreover a balaclava is excellently suited to wear underneath your ski specs. Next to that a lot of balaclavas are available in the market with daring prints that grant you a unique look on the piste.

Face Masks

A second protection against bad weather is a face mask. If the weather is rapidly declining, face masks ensure that your face is protected at all times. A face mask is made of neoprene and that’s a fabric with a lot of special abilities.

The most important advantage for snowboarders and skiers alike are the isolating qualities of a face mask. This property of face masks protects your face against cold and wind and that’s ideal if you enjoy yourself and the weather is going bad.

Moreover the material of a face mask is water repelling, so snow doesn’t stand a chance at all. Another practical feature of the face mask is its ventilating ability.

Snowboarding and skiing are exhausting activities and it’s therefore very convenient if transpiration is kept to the barest minimum. The ventilating neoprene of a face mask guarantees that this is no problem whatsoever.

Last but not least: neoprene is a very flexible material. That property ensures that your face mask is always a perfect fit. This in turn makes it possible to wear a beanie and ski specs in combination with any face mask.

Balaclavas and face masks alike are excellent options if you don’t want to have your hobbies disturbed by weather conditions you can’t control. Check our extensive collection with lots of cool prints:
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