Which type of snowboard mask suits your taste?

Snowboard Face Mask SkullThere are a lot of different types of snowboard masks available in the market. Some snowboarders and skiers pay primarily attention to the functional specifications of the equipment with which they conquer the mountain. Others are mainly focussed on the individual appearance of the masks they wear.

On practical grounds the first class of users pays attention to the fact that the snowboard mask not only has to cover the mouth, but also the nose and even the forehead. The fashion-conscious class prefers a style which matches his personal taste. Both angles however can be easily combined!


The face mask which guarantees the best ventilation and can be applied in the most flexible way is the bandana.

Depending on the model, a bandana can be tied up with strings and/or the corners of the bandana itself or closed with Velcro strips.

A bandana ensures good ventilation around the neck and ears and you can wear it in two different ways: across your mouth exclusively or across both mouth and nose.

You can instantly bind this snowboard mask in front of your face if all of a sudden it gets cold or if you happen to accidently confront a gigantic heap of snow in a way you didn’t mean to.


balaclava is partially in use as a face protection and partially as a hoodie, so your mouth, ears and head are screened from cold. Special types of balaclava also protect your nose.

Black balaclavaFor decades already balaclavas made of fleece, cotton or microfibers keep soldiers around the world warm.

Luckily for the fashion-conscious snowboarders amongst us you can find balaclavas in a wide range of colours, styles and motifs. So don’t worry, you don’t have to turn to the boring olive green of the military!

Face masks

Next to the bandana and balaclava you can find special face masks for snowboarders and skiers in the market. They protect your face as a whole or in part and they can be closed at the back with Velcro strips or other means.

These masks have been made of a ventilating fabric and often have an extra ventilation opening near the mouth and nose. These ventilation holes prevent the emergence of condensation inside the mask.

These face masks are often made of neoprene and protect against all kinds of weather. This fabric is water repelling and next to that warm and isolating. This type of face mask is also available in a lot of different versions and various prints.

Design of snowboard masks

Although a lot of manufacturers of specialised masks for snowboarders use black as the base colour, many suppliers of face masks cater for a more fashion-minded public.

Some amusing face masks for instance look like the skinned mandible of a human skeleton. There are even face masks with ventilation holes that transform you into a vampireskull or clown.

The less striking looking variants have colour combinations or motifs which lend extra flair to your skiing outfit, like a face mask with camouflage print, spikes or desert print. For everyone there’s something to find that appeals to his or hers taste!

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