What’s the best way to dress up like a robber?

Do you want a robber’s costume for a dress-up party like carnival? Or is your child dying to go out as a villain or robber when it’s Halloween? In that case you don’t have to go shopping, because you can make a robber’s outfit from things you already have in your house!

In making this outfit yourself, you save money. Moreover you are able to adapt it to the right size and age! Check below if you’ve got all the necessaries at hand and start making your very own thief’s or robber’s costume!

Bank RobberWhat items do you need for your very own robber’s costume?

  • Black (roll neck) sweater
  • Black sneakers
  • Black beanie, balaclava or other headgear that covers your face
  • Scissors
  • White or beige cotton pillowcase
  • Green marker (for textiles)
  • Paper and old newspapers
  • Rope

How to make a robber’s outfit?

1. Take a black beanie or comparable hat and change it into a typical robber’s mask by cutting two eye holes in it. Attention: don’t cut those holes too tidy or too neat! Carelessly clipped eye openings are the ultimate finish for this costume. After cutting, try the beanie on to see if the holes are in the right place and if your view is unobstructed.

2. Did you succeed in fabricating an awesome robber’s mask? Then it’s time to make a money bag to stash your loot in! Cut off the first ten centimetres of the pillowcase (at the open end) to give it a square instead of a rectangular shape. Next, draw a big dollar symbol on the money bag with the green marker.

3. Ready? Then fill the money bag with the shreds of the torn up newspapers. Is your improvised looting bag nearly full? Then close the end of the bag with a piece of rope. Paste some fake banknotes (for instance Monopoly money or your own home-made counterfeit notes) on the outside of the bag. This looks like you’ve lost some banknotes from your bag during your flight after the robbery.

4. Put on your black roll neck pullover, sneakers and if you want black trousers when ready for the party. Pull the beanie over your face and carry the money bag all the time with you during the party. Don’t reveal what’s in the bag of course…Have fun!

Extra tips for a robber’s costume

  • Do you prefer dressing up like a more traditional robber? In that case, take a piece of black felt and draw two tear shaped eye openings on it. Cut the outlined holes open and glue two black ribbons at each end of your piece of felt. Put the felt mask over your face and tie it up at the back of your head with the aid of the ribbons. Voilà, a traditional robber’s mask.
  • Didn’t you find a suitable beanie or did you botch up the eye holes? In that case use a “real” balaclava to complete your robber’s outfit!
  • Don’t wear your balaclava or pulled down beanie in public. Someone might think you’re a real robber! Use this item only when you have arrived at your dress-up party! 
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