Survival and camouflage: face masks and ninja masks

Survival or bush craft is a hobby that appeals to more and more people each year. Survival entails a lot of different techniques as for example the building of fires and shelters, finding water, preparing food on a log fire and of course observation of animals and tracing their tracks. The ultimate goal however is surviving nature without unduly harming it.

Besides that a lot of people like to observe and photograph birds or other animals without disturbing them. Of course that requires some form of camouflage to stay as invisible as possible.

Face Masks

It would be overkill to plod through the forest or a sandy plain in full camouflage gear. Your face however is always a body part that stands out. If you want to minimise the chance of discovery, you always can choose to wear a face mask with camouflage print.

Especially for that purpose we offer a face mask with an army print plus a face mask with a camouflage print that’s suitable for sandy terrain. You don’t have to be afraid of excessive transpiration, as both these face masks are made of neoprene, a ventilating fabric.

Moreover neoprene is an isolating and water resisting material, so these face masks are excellently suited to wear in free nature. Though face masks aren’t designed for this purpose, face masks protect your face against rebounding tree branches.  That’s a reassuring thought when hiking through a natural forest.

Ninja Masks

Camouflage is a must in case you want to observe birds and animals at night. In moonlight your face is clearly distinguishable, so you need a form of camouflage to get close enough to be able to observe your favourite animal or bird.

Although a ninja mask isn’t designed for the observation of nocturnal animals, it’s still an excellent item to hide your face at night and to keep you undetected. Our completely black balaclava Black Ninja and our ninja mask Lethal Ninja are excellently suited to use as means of observation.

The balaclava of flexible cotton is a very comfortable wear when you’re planning an observation. The fabric of the ninja mask is isolating neoprene, which ensures you won’t get a cold face when on the way during the night.

On top of that this luxury balaclava is water repelling and ventilating. That’s very comfortable when waiting patiently for your nocturnal animal to appear.

In short, even for the observing and tracing of animals during a survival or observation trip, face masksbalaclavas and ninja masks provide an excellent camouflage!
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