Protect yourself against smog, wind and sand with a facemask

Face Mask SupremeDo you sometimes take a ride on your motorbike, scooter or bicycle through town? Depending on the size of the town en the amount of exhaust fumes, this could be a nasty and smoky experience.

Especially big foreign cities have often to deal with air pollution in the form of smog, smoke and filthy exhaust fumes. If you want to walk, tour, cycle or drive in this polluted atmosphere, you certainly will want to protect yourself against this onslaught with a face mask.

Smog, smoke and exhaust fumes

A well-known complaint of tourists in big, foreign cities is often the inconvenience of smog. This is the heavy, chemical air which is so dominant in cities like Peking, Bangkok, Mumbai and other metropolises around the world.

It’s a combination of exhaust fumes, emissions of factory chimneys and all kinds of dirt which are thrown into the street. As a tourist you certainly will come into contact with this problem when you are walking the streets, ride a motorbike or scooter or have a nice bicycle tour around town. It’s harmful for your lungs and respiratory tracts if you’re staying too long in these surroundings.

If you’re planning to stay in a smog city and want to spend a lot of time in the streets or on the road, you should protect your face. This is possible with all kinds of face masks, but the face mask exclusive is especially suited for this situation. This type of face mask has an inbuilt air filter. If you use this mask, you can breathe without having to inhale smog. It’s an ideal gadget to bring with you while travelling on the road or in big cities!

Sand, wind and flies on the road

Face Mask FossilNext to smog and odour nuisance, sand, wind and flies can be a big inconvenience when you’re travelling by motorbike, moped or bicycle. Especially in dry territories you can really be bothered by drifting sand blowing into your face.

These dry, dusty windblasts can be a big nuisance unless you cover your mouth, nose and eyes. A face mask is a perfect supplement to protect the rest of your face if you’re wearing an open helmet and motor specs. 

Face masks are water-resistant (which is nice when it’s raining), but they are also made of a breathable fabric. This means that you can easily wear a face mask in summer, as it doesn’t make you sweat.

Another advantage of the face mask is that you can’t get disgusting insects in your mouth.  Face masks stop all kinds of things – from flies and sand to snow, rain and wind – but it provides good, clean airing.

Cleaning the air filter of face masks

Face Mask DesertIf you’re planning a long tour – for instance touring China for a few months – then it’s a must to change the air filter of your face mask regularly. Fortunately that’s only necessary after two hundred hours of wearing.

The face mask exclusive is the only type of face mask with an inbuilt air filter. It’s an ideal mask when smog and air pollution play a major role.

How to change the inbuilt air filter?

You’ll find two plastic cupules in the front and backside of this skilfully made mask which can be opened. In this manner the inbuilt air filter is freed, so you can replace it with a clean one.

Click the cupules back in place and you have another two hundred hours of touring! Do you have plans for the near future to go touring, walking or cycling through an area with a lot of smog, smoke, sand or air pollution? In that case: click here  to go to our collection of  face masks with air filters!
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