New masks and products in the shop!

Starting this month our range of products has been expanded with some new sublime masks to wear on your winter sports vacation, while travelling the roads or simply to scare your neighbours. The following masks have been added:

Grey Face MaskFace Mask Full Frontal Ashes to Ashes

This is a delightfully unpolished version of our Face Mask Black Full Frontal in an ashy grey colour, which is responsible for the very sinister look of this awesome face mask. As a result of the ashen colour, details like for instance the ventilation openings stand out like screams in a horror movie. 

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Black Face MaskFace Mask Black

Simplicity at its best... Just like its more elaborately adorned version the Face Mask Spikes, this face mask has been made of pitch black neoprene, which grants this mask a supercool and distinctive look. This is a very good alternative for anyone who likes the tight contours of the Face Mask Sinister, but is not a fan of the nose clip.

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Face Mask Vintage HeartsFace Mask Vintage Hearts

This face mask is a very charming mixture of vintage, romance and tattoo style! This face mask deluxe is a stylish item to wear while travelling the roads till you drop down. Guess what? It's a hell of a mask to impress the ladies! 

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Snowboard Mask SkullSnowboard Mask Skull

Up till now we didn't sell a more appealing and functional product as this awesome snowboard mask!

Due to its design - full facial covering, sturdy and protecting material, open-topped and equipped with a warmth retaining neck guard - this very comfortable mask is ideally suited to take with you on your skiiing or snowboarding vacations. 

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Smog Filter For Face MaskFilter for your Face Mask Exclusive

As requested by our customers, from now on we also sell extra smog filters for your face mask exclusive. Buy a spare filter separately for € 7,95 or include it in your face mask order and pay only € 5,95!

Ater 200 hours of wearing you have to replace your inbuilt smog filter, as it gradually loses its protecting abilities. If you do a lot of driving through cities that have a smog, dirt or smoke problem, we advise you to replace your smog filter on a regular basis. 

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