Motorbike riders: bandanas, balaclavas and face masks

Motorbikes are ideal vehicles if you want to go from A to B. A car gives you the same freedom as a motorbike, but the problem is that millions of others think along the same lines if they have to travel between A and B. You can see the result of this thinking every day on the roads: traffic jams! With a motorbike you can overtake cars in a traffic jam, so you are able to arrive earlier in B than a car.

A biker however has to take the weather conditions more into account than a car driver. The ideal situation for a motorbike rider is a bright sun in a blue sky and a light breeze around your head. The problem in many cases is however that you start out in A in radiant sunshine and arrive in B in a downpour.

Moreover it’s not uncommon to encounter blowing dust or drifting sand when you’re underway. Then all of a sudden motor biking is a lot less attractive. Those problems are solvable however if you wear a bandana, balaclava or face mask!


A bandana is the most straightforward item to protect your face against wind, blowing dust or fine sand. Why inhaling dust or sand when that’s totally unnecessary? The cotton of a bandana covers your mouth and nose completely, so you can simply avoid these nuisances.

Moreover a bandana also provides protection when the wind is intensifying. A lot of bandanas are equipped with a nose strip which prevents your motorbike specs or visor from misting up. Of course it’s of vital importance to be able to see what’s going on in front of you on the road!

A further advantage of a bandana is that you can wear it underneath your safety helmet without any problem whatsoever. A less practical but infinitely cool advantage is the design. Nowadays you can find a lot of bandanas with awesome prints that surely make you stand out on the road!

Make sure to check our collection of bandanas, like the Bandana Skull with the print of a human mandible!


One step higher on the ladder is the balaclava. In contrast to the bandana a balaclava protects all of your head and that’s nice when it’s getting colder and you’re only wearing a crash helmet.

A cotton balaclava protects you against blowing dust and sand. Because a balaclava is such a perfect fit, you can wear it in combination with a safety helmet. As a result of that combination you’re fully prepared in case you’re overtaken by a change in the weather when you’re on the road.

A lightweight balaclava takes no place whatsoever, so it’s no problem to put it away when the sun breaks through. Balaclavas are also available in several awesome designs which can vary between a cool skull print (Balaclava Skull) to a full-colour version of the monster from the movie Predator (Balaclava Predator).

Face Masks

The cream of the crop is of course a face mask. The neoprene of a face mask possesses a number of properties which make sure that nasty weather conditions have less influence upon your face. A lot of regions have to deal with rain that can vary between a gentle spring shower and a lashing downpour.

A face mask forms an excellent protection against rain, as neoprene repels water. On top of that neoprene has isolating qualities so cold, wind, snow or sand pose no problem whatsoever if you wear a face mask. You don’t have to worry about excessive transpiration too, as neoprene is a ventilating fabric.

No matter if you wear a half or full frontal face mask, the perfect fit and the smart design make it possible to combine your face mask with a crash helmet and motorbike specs.

Face masks are available in all sorts of designs and prints. Some face masks are equipped with a nose clip to prevent fogging up of your visor or motorbike specs. Other face masks possess an integrated air filter or extra ventilation openings to ensure free respiration.

Face masks are available in literally dozens of designs that make you stand out when travelling the roads! 

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