How to keep your face warm on your motorbike?

Perhaps you get a kick out of making a diehard tour in icy cold winter conditions, but chances are that you’ll climb off your motorbike with a brick red and cracked skin. Don’t jump out of the blue onto your steel horse, but prepare yourself during cold and bleak days. Your unhurt face will be very grateful to you after a long ride in wintry conditions!

Balaclava SkullWhat do you need?

What’s the best way to keep your face warm while driving?

  1. Apply oil based suntan lotion to your face (not too heavy). The oil in the lotion screens your face from cold and constitutes a kind of “binding agent” for the next protecting layers.
  2. Pull a balaclava over your head or bind a face mask across your face before you don your safety helmet. Generally the inside of the helmet has a lining that protects you against cold. A balaclava or face mask however completes your outfit when you have to deal with an icy and cutting wind.
  3. Use a crash helmet which covers all of your face. Every bit of protection is important in miserable and cold weather, so during bleak days choose a safety helmet that’ll cover your chin, cheeks, nose and lips.

Tips for extra warmth on the motorbike

  • Try to find a balaclava or face mask that’s dense enough to protect against icy wind but at the same time is fine enough to wear comfortably underneath your crash helmet. The last thing you’ll want is sweating like a pig when you’re driving your motorbike! A balaclava made of nylon, cotton or neoprene for instance is thin but very adequate for keeping your face warm.
  • Depending on your motorbike outfit it could be wise to find a balaclava that also protects and warms the greater part of your neck.
  • Have a look at a helmet for snow scooters. Perhaps it can help you through the icy winter period, as the visor of this kind of helmet is heated. It’s ideal during cold winter storms!

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