Ghost Balaclava Type D

  • Ghost Balaclava Type D
  • Ghost Balaclava Type D
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  • Call of Duty balaclava
  • Cut-away at eye level
  • Material: polyester and cotton
  • One size fits most
  • Suitable for outdoor sports
  • Skeleton print
If you received one eurocent for every player of the Call of Duty game series, you and your family would bathe in luxury until the end of days, so popular is this game. Therefore it’s no coincidence that you can buy various attributes which are based on Call of Duty. This cool Ghost Balaclava Type D is a perfect example.

The ghostly white and decaying skull print on a jet-black surface has an overwhelming effect when you’re wearing this gorgeous balaclava. That's of course the fun part, but this balaclava also has various practical advantages for outdoor sports. Wind, rain, snow and hail have no hold on you when you’re wearing this balaclava. Be a Call of Duty hero!

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Item number: FM C-013 (B1)
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