For what purpose can you use a balaclava?

Balaclava SkullA balaclava is a woollen or cotton type of headgear which is designed to cover all of your head, neck and the greater part of your face. Balaclavas serve as a protection against extreme weather conditions, but are also a favourite piece of equipment in sports like car racing, motorcycling, skiing, snowboarding and mountain climbing.

What does a balaclava look like?

At the front of a balaclava you’ll find an opening for your face. In general a balaclava is worn in a manner that shows your eyes only. Alternatively you could free your mouth if you roll the lower part up a little. Just like other headgear balaclavas are available in all kinds of forms and colours.

Alternative use of the balaclava

Because it’s difficult to ascertain the identity of someone wearing a balaclava, this type of headgear is often used by criminals for a robbery or other crimes. Race car drivers often wear fire-resisting balaclavas underneath their safety helmet to protect their faces in case of a crash resulting in a fire.

History of the balaclava

This type of headgear was first used in the nineteenth century, when British soldiers invented the balaclava. The name derives from the village of Balaklava, where during the Crimean War this new type of headgear was produced. The British used the balaclava to keep their face warm and as a facial protection.

Various types of balaclavas

Samurai BalaclavaYou can find various kinds of balaclava on the market as for instance the type which, next to the opening near the eyes, also has a mouth opening. Depending on your personal preference you can choose a balaclava with or without an extra opening near the mouth.  

A mouth opening simplifies talking, but it allows extra wind and cold to reach your face. In bad weather circumstances you’ll inhale more cold air than you would with a closed balaclava.  

On less cold days a woollen balaclava can be rolled up to expose your face and to wear it like an ordinary cap.  

Advantages of the balaclava

A balaclava keeps your face warm and prevents frostbite in wintry circumstances. On top of that it improves your sight in a snow storm. Made of the right material a balaclava can even protect your face from burning during a fire. A balaclava can be used as a camouflage cap in the army or during hunting, or as an “insect catcher” when driving on the roads.

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