Face Shields

A face shield is a tubular face and head protection of approximately 25 x 50 cm. The tubular shape is very useful, because it ensures that you can wear the face shield in many cool and convenient ways. Are the weather conditions a bit chilly? Then pull the face shield over your face like a bandana or use it as a balaclava.

Is it a hot, summery day and is the sweat dripping from your forehead while jogging? Use the faceshield as a sweatband. And there are many more applications, such as a scarf, bracelet, beanie, and so on...

Face Shields

Face shields are made of a soft, breathable and elastic polyester microfibre. This material is moisture-resistant, quick-drying and stain resistant. You can put a faceshield in the washing machine, provided you do not iron it.

In addition, face shields are available in a variety of different motifs. Do you like tough camouflage motifs with or without a skull or do you prefer an abstract motif? Do you want a faces hield with a colorful flag or a blackout version of it? Or do you want a hilarious funny face like a clown, gangster or zombie on your face shield? It's all there!