Face Mask Full Frontal

If you did not already look tough when wearing one of the incredibly cool prints of the other face masks from our collection, then that effect is even more enhanced if you opt for a full frontal mask! Imagine how cool it will look when you appear on the track or on the road with a face mask covering your entire face! Success guaranteed!

In terms of facial protection, this motorcycle and winter sports mask is of course the absolute top, apart of how impressive a full frontal face mask looks if you wear it. With such a face mask you can handle all weather conditions without any problem. The smart design even makes it possible to combine the mask with attributes such as a hat or beanie, a helmet and motorcycle or ski goggles.

Face Masks Full Frontal

With a face mask covering your entire face, chances are that you will sweat more than usual. The neoprene of this cool series of face masks is, however, a breathable material, which keeps sweating to a minimum. But that is of course not the only reason why this kind of winter sports and motorcycle masks is so popular with both bikers and winter sports enthusiasts alike.

The neoprene material is both insulating and water-repellent and that is of course the ultimate goal for face masks. That is why neoprene face masks are so popular on the track and on the road. Let chilly winds, icy snow gusts, dust and rain have their way, because you are fully prepared with such a sublime biker and winter sports mask!