Extra Smog Filter (Face Masks Exclusive)

  • Extra Smog Filter (Face Masks Exclusive)
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  • Replaceable smog filter
  • Suitable for Facemasks Exclusive
  • Protects 200 hours against smog, smoke and exhaust fumes
One of the best products we offer in our web shop is the Face Mask Exclusive category. This type of face mask is equipped with inbuilt air filters. These filters prevent inhaling of smog, smoke, exhaust fumes and unpleasant smells.

Exchangeable air filters ensure that you inhale pure air, but those filters last only a limited time. On the whole these air filters have to be changed after 200 hours of wearing, otherwise they will not perform effectively anymore and that is harmful to your lungs and respiratory tracts.

So be sure to change the air filters of your Face mask Exclusive on a regular basis and obtain extra filters for that purpose. 

ATTENTION: you only need one filter pack to replace the air filters in your Face Mask Exclusive!

Item number: FM 9-001
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