Face Mask Metal Skull

  • Face Mask Metal Skull
  • Face Mask Metal Skull
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  • Neoprene face mask
  • Protects against wind and snow
  • Water resistant
  • Ventilating
  • Warm and isolating
  • One size fits most
  • Aluminium nose strip
  • Perfect for snowboarders and bikers
  • Unique looking item when you’re on the road or gliding downhill!  
This neoprene face mask Dinosaur Fossil shows the fossil of a dinosaur with wide opened jaws, long and pointy fangs and two horns at the back of its head. This face mask is a unique sight when you're travelling on the road or gliding down a snowy slope. Moreover it’s a very comfortable garment to wear.

The ventilating material of this face mask minimizes transpiration, but isolates at the same time. If you’re wearing this face mask, you can challenge every type of weather like wind, rain and snow as it’s water repellent.

One size fits most, because the Velcro strips and the flexible fabric of this superb face mask guarantee a perfect fit. You can combine this face mask with a beanie or crash helmet.


Alongside other advantages for snowboarders and bikers this luxurious face mask has been equipped with an aluminium nose clip to accommodate your motorbike or ski specs. Air circulation poses no problem, as this face mask has extra ventilation holes near the nose.

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Item number: FM 1-004
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