Face Mask Flying Skull

  • Face Mask Flying Skull
  • Face Mask Flying Skull
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  • Neoprene face mask
  • Protects against wind and snow
  • Water resistant
  • Ventilating
  • Warm and isolating
  • One size fits most
  • Aluminium nose strip
  • Perfect for snowboarders and bikers
  • Unique looking item when you’re on the road or gliding downhill! 
The little halo above the skull and the wings near the ears of this face mask Flying Skull suggest this is an angel. However, when you’re looking at the devilish grin of this skull, you’ll certainly know better than that.

This face mask is suitable for use in each type of weather because it’s isolating and water resistant. That’s why it protects your face against wind and snow if you’re travelling on the road or gliding downhill. The breathing neoprene of this face mask guards against excessive transpiration.

With no problems whatsoever you can wear this face mask underneath a safety helmet or beanie. A perfect fit has of course been a point of consideration. This is accomplished by the flexible material and the adjustable Velcro strips of this very comfortable face mask.


This deluxe face mask has extra ventilation openings near the nose and an aluminium nose strip. This clip ensures a perfect fit for your motorbike or ski specs. Moreover it prevents your specs from misting up. The holes near your nose make sure you can breathe normally.

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Item number: FM 1-001
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