New masks and products in the shop!

Starting this month our range of products has been expanded with some new sublime masks to wear on your winter sports vacation, while travelling the roads or simply to scare your neighbours. The following masks have been added:

Grey Face MaskFace Mask Full Frontal Ashes to Ashes

This is a delightfully unpolished version of our Face Mask Black Full Frontal in an ashy grey colour, which is responsible for the very sinister look of this awesome face mask. As a result of the ashen colour, details like for instance the ventilation openings stand out like screams in a horror movie. 

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Protect yourself against smog, wind and sand with a face mask

Do you sometimes take a ride through town on your motorbike, scooter or bicycle? Depending on the size of the town en the amount of exhaust fumes, this could be a nasty and smoky experience.

Especially big foreign cities often have to deal with air pollution in the form of smog, smoke and filthy exhaust fumes. If you want to walk, tour, cycle or drive in this polluted atmosphere, you certainly will want to protect yourself against this onslaught with a face mask. 

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What to wear in extreme cold

Cold weather can be dangerous if you don’t wear clothes that are up to the task. Extreme cold can cause frostbite, hypothermia and it can even mean death if you don’t prepare yourself properly. Prevent unnecessary suffering in excessive cold and wear enough layers of clothing to protect your body against wind, rain, snow and cold.

What do you need to protect yourself in extreme cold?

  • Long thermal underwear
  • Thick socks
  • Sweater
  • Windproof jacket
  • ....
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What's the best way to dress up like a robber?

Do you want a robber’s costume for a dress-up party like carnival? Or is your child dying to go out as a villain or robber when it’s Halloween? In that case you don’t have to go shopping, because you can make a robber’s outfit from things you already have in your house!

In making this outfit yourself, you save money. Moreover you are able to adapt it to the right size and age! Check below if you’ve got all the necessaries at hand and start making your very own thief’s or robber’s costume!

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How to keep you face warm on your motorbike?

Perhaps you get a kick out of making a diehard tour in icy cold winter conditions, but chances are that you’ll climb off your motorbike with a brick red and cracked skin. Don’t jump out of the blue onto your steel horse, but prepare yourself during cold and bleak days. Your unhurt face will be very grateful to you after a long ride in wintry conditions!

What do you need?

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How to wear a balaclava?

A balaclava (or ski mask) is a warm winter headgear with a long history. Balaclavas were used for the first time during the Crimean War, when British soldiers had to be protected against the extreme Ukrainian winter.

In the meantime balaclavas have been converted into masks to hide someone’s identity. The image of the balaclava is corroded as a result of its use by freedom fighters like the IRA, Zapatistas and Black Mask.

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For what purpose can you use a balaclava?

A balaclava is a woollen or cotton type of  headgear which is designed to cover all of your head, neck and the greater part of your face. Balaclavas serve as a protection against extreme weather conditions, but are also a favourite piece of equipment in sports like car racing, motorcycling, skiing, snowboarding and mountain climbing. 

Advantages of the balaclava

A balaclava keeps your face warm and prevents frostbite in wintry circumstances. On top of that it improves your sight...

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What are the origins of the balaclava?

A balaclava is a very popular garment during winter, on winter sports vacations and as an attribute for a great number of sports. You can wear a balaclava in multiple ways, depending on the part of the face you want to be protected.

Perhaps you didn’t realise that balaclavas have a very interesting history. As a matter of fact they were invented in the nineteenth century and used for the first time during the Crimean War!

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Which type of snowboard mask suits your taste?

There are a lot of different types of snowboard masks available in the market. Some snowboarders and skiers pay primarily attention to the functional specifications of the equipment with which they conquer the mountain. Others are mainly focussed on the individual appearance of the masks they wear.

On practical grounds the first class of users pays attention to the fact that the snowboard mask not only has to cover the mouth, but also the nose and even the forehead. The fashion-conscious class prefers a style which matches his personal taste. Both angles however can be easily combined! 

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Winter sports: face masks and balaclavas

Snowboarding and skiing are cool hobbies which you can practise on your own or with a bunch of good friends. Winter sports are pleasant; they keep you busy and form a magnificent source of recreation. After a week or long weekend in the company of your snowboard or skis, you can conquer the world. Moreover these sports help you to retain your physical condition.

These are all good reasons to spend some time once a year at a winter resort! It’s your choice to devote your time to free ride or freestyle snowboarding or to alpine or freestyle skiing. For each specialisation different pieces of equipment or garments are available.

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Survival and camouflage: face and ninja masks

Survival or bush craft is a hobby that appeals to more and more people each year. Survival entails a lot of different techniques as for example the building of fires and shelters, finding water, preparing food on a log fire and of course observation of animals and tracing their tracks. The ultimate goal however is surviving nature without unduly harming it.

Besides that a lot of people like to observe and photograph birds or other animals without disturbing them. Of course that requires some form of camouflage to stay as invisible as possible. 

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Motorbike riders: bandanas, balaclavas and face masks

Motorbikes are ideal vehicles if you want to go from A to B. A car gives you the same freedom as a motorbike, but the problem is that millions of others think along the same lines if they have to travel between A and B. You can see the result of this thinking every day on the roads: traffic jams! With a motorbike you can overtake cars in a traffic jam, so you are able to arrive earlier in B than a car.

A biker however has to take the weather conditions more into account than a car driver. The ideal situation for a motorbike rider is a bright sun in a blue sky and a light breeze around your head. The problem in many cases is however that you start out in A in radiant sunshine and arrive in B in a downpour.

Moreover it’s not uncommon to encounter blowing dust or drifting sand when you’re underway. Then all of a sudden motor biking is a lot less attractive. Those problems are solvable however if you wear a bandana, balaclava or face mask! 

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Did you recently buy one or more products on In that case we would appreciate it very much if you could send us a photo of yourself in combination with one of our products!

This winter we offer vouchers to an amount of 5 Euro to everyone who sends a snapshot of him or herself plus the purchased item to info {@} facemasks {dot} shop!

Take a picture of yourself while wearing a balaclava, face mask or bandana on your motorbike, during snowboarding holidays, on your scooter or simply just at home!

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