Bandana Scarf Orange/Grey Stripes

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  • Bandana Scarf Orange/Grey Stripes
  • Bandana Scarf Orange/Grey Stripes
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  • Bandana and scarf in one 
  • Type: Orange & Grey Stripes
  • Material: wool
  • High level of comfort
  • Protects beyond the neck
  • One size fits most
  • Ideal for outdoors sports
The unique feature of this orange/grey striped multifunctional headwear is that you can wear it in different ways and in two colours. The most important property however is that it can be used as either a bandana or as a scarf. That's a huge advantage during winter days, especially since this bandana and scarf in one is made of a thick type of wool.

The outside of this practical bandana scarf shows orange and grey stripes. If you turn it inside out however, you have a plain green bandana or scarf. This multi-functional garment provides protection beyond the neck and is suitable for any outdoor sport.

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Item number: FM G-002 (C1)
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