Bandana Scarf Egypt

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  • Bandana Scarf Egypt
  • Bandana Scarf Egypt
  • Bandana Scarf Egypt
  • Bandana Scarf Egypt
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  • Bandana and scarf in one 
  • Type: Egypt
  • Material: polyester
  • High level of comfort
  • Protects beyond the neck
  • One size fits most
  • Compatible with (ski/motor) googles and helmet/cap/hat
  • Ideal for outdoors sports
With its sandy colors, stylized animal figures and other Egyptian symbols, this bandana scarf reminds of the warm Egyptian sun and of vast sandy plains with camels. It is therefore not so strange that this tube bandana has been named "Egypt".

You can wear this multifunctional headwear in many different ways and combine it endlessly with all sorts of glasses and headgear. The word "multifunctional" has gained a totally new meaning through our collection of bandana scarfs or tube bandanas.

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Item number: FM D-017 (E2)
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