Bandana Predator

  • Bandana Predator
  • Bandana Predator
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  • Black bandana 
  • 100% Cotton 
  • Great wearing comfort 
  • Soft fabric 
  • Protects against wind, dust and sand 
  • One size fits most
  • Print from the Predator movie
  • Aluminium nose strip for a perfect fit
  • Ideally suited for motorbike tours! 
Look like the monster from the “Predator” movie when you’re travelling the roads with this bandana!

A bandana is a very sensible item of equipment for use on your motorbike and besides that, this cool black bandana Predator is an awesome sight if you wear it on the way. The print of this beautiful bandana shows the monster from the Predator movie in brilliant colours.

As it covers your mouth and nose completely, a bandana protects your face against all kinds of nuisance like wind, dust, sand and insects. It’s no problem whatsoever to wear a bandana under your safety helmet. The aluminium nose clip ensures that your visor or motorbike specs never gets steamy.

This nose strip also provides extra wearing comfort and it’s tied up using special strings and the corners of the cloth itself. The bandana is made of soft cotton and the same predator design is used for our Balaclava Predator.

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Item number: FM 8-004 (E3)
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