Balaclava Anarchy

  • Balaclava Anarchy
  • Balaclava Anarchy
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  • Lightweight balaclava
  • Material: polyester
  • Close-fitting
  • Cut-away at eye level
  • One size fits most
  • Suited for outdoor sports
  • Ideal wear for snowboarders and bikers
  • Wearable with or without helmet/ski specs  
The balaclava Anarchy is a lightweight balaclava with challenging skull print. It’s often used as a garment for outdoor sports such as snowboarding and motorcycling. This balaclava is made of stretchable, high-quality polyester that’s both breathable and quick drying.

Due to the properties of the material and the fact that it has a cut-out opening for the eyes, this balaclava is a perfect protection against unfriendly weather conditions. This one size fits most model can be worn by almost everyone. You can wear it with or without a helmet or goggles. Anything is possible with this versatile balaclava!

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Item number: FM C-007
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