Face masks are masks made of neoprene, a synthetic kind of rubber. This isolating material protects against wind, cold, snow and rain. That’s the reason why face masks are extremely suited as winter sports wear and as a face protection during rides on motorbikes or scooters.

Masks will invariably make you sweat. Neoprene on the other hand is a ventilating material.  Face masks made of this kind of synthetic rubber don’t have this problem. They protect your face against cold, but at the same time guarantee a perfect ventilation. An ideal combination!

Face Mask SamuraiOffer supplies unique and original prints in all kinds of forms and sizes and offers a broad selection of online products. The prints vary from subtle and inconspicuous to imaginative, impressive and even sinister designs.

You can order four different kinds of face masks:


  • Face Mask Basic. This type of face mask covers the lower part of the face (from your chin up to your nose) and is completely made of neoprene (with the exception of the print). 

  • Face Mask Deluxe. The Deluxe version is identical to the basic face mask, with the exception of an added nose strip. Next to the increased aesthetic effect, this nose clip provides a better fit and it helps to minimize the misting up of your motor or ski specs.

  • Face Mask Exclusive. Next to a nose strip, this variant is also equipped with an integrated air filter.

  • Face Mask Full Frontal. The Full Frontal model covers the face from your chin up to your forehead and has ventilation holes at the mouth and nose and hearing openings near the ears. 

All our face masks can be closed with Velcro strips on the back of the face mask, which allow for a perfect fit. 

Besides face masks we have other products in stock: 


Samurai Mask Balaclava
Our balaclavas are decorated with original prints, ranging from skull to samurai designs. They have been made of cotton and these balaclavas guarantee optimal freedom of movement. That makes these balaclavas ideally suited for outdoor sports, but also as an added protection to wear under your safety helmet. The material is flexible, so one size fits all. 

Masks with Necks

At the moment we offer three kinds of masks with neck that have been made of neoprene. All of them are suited for winter sports. These masks protect your face against all kinds of weather situations and just like our face masks they are isolating, ventilating and water repelling.

Bandana Tribal

The bandanas of Skullmasks.EU are a perfect addition to the rest of our assortment and can be used in alternation with our “basic” and “Deluxe” face masks. The nose clip ensures a perfect fit, so you don’t have to be afraid to lose these bandanas on the road!