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Face masks: for all types of outdoor sports!

Sports such as snowboarding, skiing, motorcycling, survival, gaming, airsoft and many other outdoor activities are exciting, adventurous and challenging. However, each of these outdoor activities inevitably has to deal with adverse weather conditions for which you want to be prepared.

In our collection you’ll find a whole range of professional products to protect your head and neck from inclement weather. Whether it is an efficient bandana, a functional tube bandana, a tough balaclava, a warm beard hat or the epitome of professionalism: a neoprene face mask, you'll find it all in our assortment!

We also sell ancillary items such as air filters for our sublime facemasks exclusive, not to mention of course gloves.

Practical face masks for every situation

During outdoor activities, the head and neck are body parts that are subjected to the vagaries of nature. Depending on your own preferences and the requirements of your specific outdoor sports, there are plenty of alternatives to protect those vulnerable body parts against inclement weather. Here are some guidelines.

The most basic form of protection is the bandana. This indispensable garment protects your mouth and nose against blowing dust, loose sand, drifting snow and insects. Especially insects are a source of annoyance for cyclists when they take to the road in spring or summer.

A cleverly devised variant of the bandana is the bandana scarf or bandana tube. The tubular shape of this garment makes it possible to wear it as a bandana or as a scarf, which is a practical solution for skiers, bikers and other practitioners of outdoor sports. They are available in different versions for types of weather that can vary from cool to distinctly cold.

For hundreds of years the balaclava has been in use as a full-proof protection of the head and neck during winter conditions. Especially in winter sports this is a popular garment as it is easy to combine with ski goggles and ski mask.

A balaclava proves also excellent service on a motor bike or during survivals. In our collection you'll even find a series of gaming balaclavas inspired by the game Call of Duty: Ghosts. These ghost balaclavas will appeal to every practitioner of cosplay, gaming or airsoft activities!

Weather protection does not have to be boring. This is proven by our bearded hats (also known as octopus hats) and knight’s cap. These manually knitted hats with a crazy touch are made from quality wool and protect the entire head against dodgy weather.

The ultimate protection on the track, on the road or during other outdoor sports is represented by our neoprene face masks. They are available in different versions, from basic to full frontal and form the utmost professional solution for all kinds of weather and outdoor activities.

Neoprene face masks: similarities and differences

Neoprene insulates your face and protects against wind and snow. Neoprene is water-repellent, but at the same time lets air through, so perspiration is limited to the minimum.

A basic face mask protects the lower part of the face with all the good qualities of neoprene. The full frontal face mask takes protection to a higher level, because this type of facemask shields the entire face. An additional feature of our deluxe face masks is the aluminum nose clip. The flexible neoprene in combination with the nose clip can be formed in such a way that no exhaled air escapes to your motorcycle or ski goggles. This prevents fogged glasses.

Top of the bill is the face mask exclusive. Besides an aluminum nose clip, this face mask features a built-in air filter. This is of importance for bikers who have to deal with exhaust gases and even with smog in large cities.

Used materials

You need different types of material for optimum protection of your face. Below is a short overview of the most common materials from which our products are manufactured.

Used material Features and Products
Wool Natural material, breathable, good protection against cold, water-resistant, durable.
Cotton Natural material, absorbing, wear-resistant. Cotton fabrics crease easily, so a blend of cotton + synthetic material is often used.
Polyester Synthetic lightweight material. Wear-resistant, durable. Shrinkage, moisture absorption and insulation is negligible. Used in combination with cotton for better insulation.
Neoprene synthetic material. Elastic, insulating, warm, water-resistant, but also breathable. The ideal facemask for both skiers and bikers.